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I am an artist of canvases, murals and digital design from Guayaquil, Ecuador. My work in the arts began after studying publishing and graphic design courses in Argentina. This background in graphic design offers me a unique vision of art, as I compose murals and canvas paintings with a playful attention to detail and spaciality. After returning to Ecuador with a passion for Argentina’s vibrant art scene, I began painting surfboards along the coast.


Now working from a studio I share with my mentor Juan Pablo Toral in the historical centre of Las Peñas, my paintings are known for playfully re-characterising commonplace aspects of the Guayaquil’s social scene. Using animals, tropical plant life and familiar (often overlooked) objects of this place, my work gestures toward the socio-political dynamics of my city in accessible and humorous ways. Most recently, my work has been featured by the city of Guayaquil to enliven public spaces including local theatres, parks, shops and restaurants.


I am now preparing for my first solo exhibition that will take place in May 2020.

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