Salud por eso.

date. 2020

city. Guayaquil

size. 0.90 cm x 100 cm Acrylic on canvas.

The eagle has the longest lifespan of its species.

However, to fulfill its life of vibrancy and longevity, the eagle must endure a difficult period of isolation and transformation.

As the eagle ages, its beak continues growing. At midlife, the beak reaches inward, pointing toward the eagle’s chest. It becomes painful and the beak no longer functions for hunting. The eagle is left with only two options: It may die, impaled by its own beak, or it may go through a painful process of change.

The process requires that the eagle fly to an isolated mountain top for 150 days. Alone there, hidden from predators, the eagle knocks its beak against rocks until it is completely destroyed. The eagle will then wait for a new beak to grow back. After 5 months of complete isolation, the eagle takes its famous flight of rebirth, carrying on its legacy of power and vibrancy into a new stage of life, free from hardships of its past.