Ciudad Manglar

Los Manglares stand along the edges where city-land meets river in the industrial city of Guayaquil, Ecuador.
Grounded by an exposed root system of long-legged tentacles, Los Manglares stand in and above polluted
waters. They are an inventively adaptive tree network that, unlike many others, are able to survive the harsh
conditions of Guayaquil’s precarious coastal ecology. Lacing the waterways that frame Guayaquil’s concrete
hills and developing social landscape - despite increasing pollution and diminishing biodiversity of its rivers -
Los Manglares continue to act as mitigators of waste materials, water-logged mud and amphibious animal life
that move here.
Like many Guayaquileños, Los Manglares both resist and depend on the impurities of their diverse community
contributors for survival.
This collection, ‘La Ciudad de Los Manglares’, playfully re-characterizes commonplace encounters with the
people and objects that make social life in Guayaquil - not despite their differences but because of them. It is a
sort of archive of these faces and their stories – their dress, attitudes, qualities - how they bump up against
each other, relate, and sometimes perform in unexpected ways. Using particular animals, tropical plants and
familiar (often overlooked) objects in accessible and humorous visual scenarios, these paintings story the
personalities of Guayaquil, La Ciudad de Los Manglares, and the socio-political dynamics in which they persist.

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